Futurespective on Voice Technology from the Google Assistant Product Team in 2022


Futurespective on Voice Technology from the Google Assistant Product Team in 2022


Technology isn’t silent anymore. It chats, and also its voice forms the way we live– functioning and also online discovering, purchasing cleaning materials, playing everyday songs mixes, cooking new dishes, or exercising– all by just asking for it aloud. Considering that the pandemic hit, an increasing number of brand names understand the countless opportunities for connecting and also involving with users in an all-natural, contactless way.

Whether for functioning, discovering, or having fun, bellow’s why voice is the “all-natural,” touchless solution for next-level brand name engagement.

Several of the world’s leading business like American Express, Estée Lauder, Nike, Headspace, Campbells, Dunkin’, Snapchat, Trend, as well as Financial Institution of America have begun rethinking consumer experience and brand technique from the voice technology perspective and the chances it offers. Brand names like these are locating that voice brings their relationships with consumers to a brand-new degree.

A touchless user interface is a straightforward reason to take on voice in the current pandemic. Still, another is exactly how voice technology supplies better accessibility and inclusiveness to consumers no matter ability, race, age, sex, or geographical location.

The voice area has actually become a subject of increased interest for thought leaders across markets, including Sofia Altuna, that heads Global Product Collaborations for Google Assistant and also hosts VOICE Talks, a monthly live-stream series focused on the voice market as well as the specialists, engineers as well as developments affecting voice innovation. The coronavirus, she says, “has given a new perspective of the relevance of this modern technology.”

Furthermore, in a current VOICE Talks episode, she highlighted exactly how inclusion as well as ease of access are being focused on for ambient computing as well as noted that disabled rights and social justice are equally essential.

To read more about the innovations in voice, the brand partnerships working to resolve customers’ demands, and also the expanding voice community (VOICE Talks has grown to nearly 50,000 users in four months), we lately had a discussion with Altuna, that is functioning (as well as exercising, food preparation, learning as well as playing) and also currently filming VOICE Talks live from her house in New York. The meeting is slightly modified for length and clarity.

What is so intriguing about voice technology for you?

I have actually constantly been really passionate concerning empowering individuals through innovation, so one of the most intriguing things to me regarding this area is that voice is universal and simple for any individual to take on. Voice is the most “natural” method to engage with technology and calls for no user manual. All sorts of individuals of all ages are utilizing Voice Assistant, defying the early adopter stereotype.

As host of VOICE Talks, what do you aim to bring to the monthly online streams?

On a monthly basis, we try to bring viewers insider web content from the globe’s leaders in voice innovation. From industry trends to study to company suggestions to item demonstrations and also news– there is a whole lot we wish to cover.

We want the material to resonate with the visitors, so each episode additionally focuses on what questions or themes the audiences have actually sent at #AskSofia. This is about reaching the community in a manner that is meaningful and relevant to what they wish to see, discover, and show to each other.

Inform us on a specialist degree why you go to the best place, at the right time, as host of Voice Talks and also your work with the International Product Partnerships?

Previous to working on the Google Assistant, I was currently thinking about the area and also was involved with other jobs at Google around Conversational AI. Considering that I signed up with the Assistant group 3 years ago, I have actually functioned across several various product functions worldwide and also with many partners.


This has actually offered me a broad understanding of the voice technology ecosystem, the opportunities as well as challenges throughout the platforms, and also the possibilities for brands as well as individuals. Going to the crossway of item designers as well as partners likewise provides an one-of-a-kind perspective to recognize both the technological intricacies and also our companion brand names’ vision, goals, and also needs. We collaborate with companions to permit effective individual experiences that help resolve individuals’ needs.

How has your background prepared you for this duty?

Having actually led the go-to-market method and execution for multiple Google Assistant initiatives worldwide with several brand names throughout several sectors has given me a broad view of the voice technology ecological community and a great viewpoint. I have actually likewise joined lots of meetings, customer summits, and also as a guest audio speaker at MBA courses. I’ve been passionate concerning increasing my voice as well as sharing my point of view on this innovation.

Usually events are always a fantastic opportunity to learn about the ecosystem, exchange concepts, and pay attention to partner feedback. However, without these this year, VOICE Talks is a fantastic system to bring the voice community with each other and share knowings that can propel this technology into the future.

Has the pandemic enhanced your awareness of the relevance of voice modern technology?


Definitely. Although we began our trip towards voice technology long before this current dilemma, COVID-19 has actually supplied a brand-new perspective of the importance of this innovation. First, as even more people go to house, voice aides can play a larger duty in job efficiency, education and learning, and household activities.

Second of all, individuals intend to prevent touching common gadgets (or any device), so I believe Voice is positioned to be part of the service that aids form our brand-new typical as well as make our lives easier and also more secure. This is something that makes me fired up regarding this space, of all the possibility there is as well as the influence that we can have.

Why do brands intend to consist of Voice in their method?

Today, brand names are especially delighted to join the Voice environment at the ground floor with the vision that it can turn into a big surface for their organization.

There’s a clear brand-new medium with Voice that users are obtaining an increasing number of comfortable within their houses as well as on-the-go. As brands aim to introduce as well as adjust to reducing side modern technology, they partner with voice technology business, like Google Aide or Amazon.com, to learn what benefit this brand-new tool (together with us).

The conversational style likewise appears deceptively simple, so brand names include voice innovations to create more smooth discussions with their customers as well as find out exactly how these customers involve with their brand name through voice.

Google Aide’s large footprint throughout devices (1B tools) likewise delights brand names that want making their content offered across new surface areas.

Why should a lot more consumer brands utilize voice innovation?

Voice has taken a significant leap forward, and also it has arised over the last couple of years as a new foundational communication design in computing. As individuals start to have access to this technology everywhere, and also this actions comes to be much more normalized, if brands want to meet the individuals wherever they are, they’ll need to begin integrating voice modern technology right into their strategy.

Voice modern technology also enables brand names to involve essential target market segments in tailored conversations via more natural and seamless communications, which can ultimately drive retention and also service growth.

Brands that are making use of voice innovation as part of their approach today are not just creating brand-new experiences for their customers but are starting to learn and buy the future of consumer interactions (i.e., they are creating the technological knowledge to browse the new computer age– the first-mover advantage).


What are the 1 or 2 things that brands constantly ask you regarding constructing for a voice assistant?

The first question brand names normally ask is: just how should we think about what experience to build? Customers are not simply looking to access a brand name’s internet site in audio form (at least not currently). Voice is a far more “intent” base (i.e., utilize instance base). Brands ought to hang out considering those minutes where they can be absolutely assistive with voice as well as create re-engagement.

Initially, it is very important to consider exactly how to aid individuals in sustained, commonly daily/weekly/monthly repeatable communications. As an example, it’s come to be usual for food buying applications to begin their voice trip around use instances like “reordering,” as well as for banks to construct an experience to swiftly examine your account balance or costs vs. purchasing a brand-new credit card or opening an account.

Secondly, brand names likewise ask inquiries concerning their personas. Voice can be the most all-natural and personal way to involve with brand names– it has even more to offer than a web site or a gadget, so for the first time, brands actually need to think about that they wish to be and advance their brand identity into a fully-developed character.

Nonetheless, while this is necessary for an effective voice strategy, it can really feel overwhelming and also will likely need a great deal of time because developing a voice that represents your brand is no little accomplishment. Consequently, my advice for brand names is to not let this discourage them from beginning to experiment now (without their own fully-developed individuality), however instead to do both in parallel.

What do you want potential brand companions to recognize by enjoying the next episode of VOICE Talks dedicated to predictions for voice innovation that is coming on December 10?
Virtual assistants are significantly becoming part of our life, yet we are really simply at the beginning of this brand-new period of voice and also ambient computing.

This brand-new period won’t just be something we release, however something that we function in the direction of– a brand-new means of considering computing and also concerning just how we engage with technology. Consequently, VOICE Talks is not almost Google Assistant, it’s platform-independent, as it intends to teach visitors concerning the bigger breakthroughs and also possibilities in the room.

Given the uniqueness of this innovation, when enjoying VOICE Talks, my hope is that brand names can discover and also be inspired by peers as well as individuals alike, from the top business that are purchasing this room as well as from the more comprehensive area.

The opportunity for Voice is huge. Via producing a platform that joins the neighborhood as VOICE Talks does, we can all learn from each other and drive this modern technology forward, developing phenomenal experiences that equip all users.


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