Checkout the Autel EVO & Ready to Put Your Eyes in the Sky in 2022

By | August 25, 2022

Prior to reviewing this drone, the Autel, EVO camera drone we had no experience with drones of any kind. This review will provide the perspective of a beginner who is experiencing the EVO drone at first straight out of the box!

First impressions are of the exquisite packaging. Autel is taking inspiration in the footsteps of Apple and has skillfully and meticulously packed the EVO in a container that is fun to open and play around with.

Unboxing the drone

It is immediately apparent the polished finish and top design of the drone as well as the controller and other components. The EVO differs from other drones because it is a bright orange-colored finish on its back and belly. It will be easy to see from the ground when flying and also when lying on the ground. It is also partially concealed by brown or green vegetation in the case the need for an emergency landing at an uninhabited area.

We were not familiar in flying drones and flying, we sat for about one hour on Youtube watching drone pilots fly and studying the EVO as well as other drones. Autel offers a few basic instructions and manuals in their box. you can download a more comprehensive EVO guide from their website.

Setting up

Autel’s website has videos showing the advanced flight capabilities that are available on the EVO. Autel hasn’t put in many hours reworking their website. Autel Robotics is fairly new to drones and their focus seems to be the drone and not the website. It they will likely develop over time and include more details on the EVO.

The primary information not included in their manual or site is the method to access the video files off of from the microSD card installed in the drone, and downloaded to on an Apple computer. We needed to reach Autel through their website to inquire about how to download the video files out of the drone. Autel immediately responded that they were trying to direct transfer processes to Apple computers. They also recommended using an SD cards reader in order to move the information.

Learning to fly

So, after charging the controller and drone and examining of the materials included in the box and download EVO’s manual, smartphone app and EVO manual, the smartphone app and watching a couple of Youtube videos and we were all set for our first flight of the EVO.

The drone was set at the bottom of a circle cul-de-sac. We checked whether the LED warning lights were in the correct order front red solid and rear slow flashing red and moved the two joysticks of the controller handheld to what believed was the takeoff position. We must have misunderstood the directions and moved the joysticks to the left or bottom and right places. The correct place is down left and right 45 degree diagonal position.

When we had this right, the propellers slowly started to spin. It was an amazing moment in our first flight. When we pressed the auto take-off button and the propellers started speeding up, and the drone lifted immediately off the ground. It was perfectly hovering at eye level. The sound of the prop is pretty silent. It’s like a muffled, swarm of Hornets rather than a blaring chain saw. We didn’t think we would be disturbing the neighbors in any way.

Advanced flight features

The AI algorithms ensured that the drone was moving in a steady manner which gave us ample time to play around and discover about using the joysticks to control the EVO. From here , it was simple for the drone to be flown. Left stick for upward, downward and cw/ccw rotation , and right stick for back and forward flight, and the right and left banked turn. We practiced flying through the neighborhood, and moving the camera’s view up and down. As the power got low, we pressed the home button. The EVO immediately returned to land just a few feet from the initial launch point.

After charging after recharging, we were prepared to fly our second test flight in which we tested certain of the smart flight functions. It was simple to take off since we had a good understanding of the proper stick positions.

We removed the camera manually this time, pushing upwards on the left joystick and climbed to a safe altitude to test the circle or orbit around an object and the tracking flight modes. The EVO quickly and accurately tracked our movements and flew around the point in a matter of minutes and very fluid camera control.

What is the difference?

The general consensus of a few review sites is that Autel EVO is very similar to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro with the exception of orbit mode and the camera’s quality. One reviewer thought that the EVO was having trouble stabilizing the image in orbit mode but the EVO offered a higher quality video images. We didn’t find any evidence of the stability issue with the camera on either the EVO when it was in orbit. Maybe it was windier in our test, or perhaps Autel has rectified the camera’s tilt, when in circle mode, using a an update to the software.

The EVO controller can be controlled by flight using and without a smartphone attached. According to reports, the EVO is currently the only controller that has the OLED screen that functions without a smartphone attached. It is said that the EVO could be used to flow and send footage to its controller however, the intelligent flight modes as well as other status reports aren’t available without a smartphone.

Autel doesn’t include the micro SD card reader or a mini-usb usb-3 cable for connecting this controller with an Apple iPhone. The items must be bought separately.

We bought an Unitek, USB3.0 Type-C Multi-in-One Card Reader on Amazon at around $15.00. The reader was able to read our micro SD card. We transferred our files to an MacBook Pro and imported them into iMovie. As you would expect, the quality of the video quality is exceptional, considering that it’s 4K at 60 frames per second. The video was extremely fluid during the different tracking modes we tested. We were unable for comparison of the footage of the EVO with other drones. However, we must affirm that the quality of video of EVO is excellent. EVO camera is exceptional.

Final thoughts

In the end we found Autel EVO to be Autel EVO drone very easy to fly and set up even for a drone beginner, following just a few minutes of reviewing the directions in the box as well as on the web.

The EVO keeps the plane an even and stable flight. It will not crash into objects while waiting for flight instructions from the pilot via the controller. It is possible to fly the EVO can be controlled by hand or using advanced flight modes, such as Orbit and Dynamic Track, Viewpoint and others. The camera in 4K produces stunning pictures, both video and still.

If you’re in search of an easy-to-fly drone that has all the standard features, as well as a few additional, and that can capture amazing video, you’ll not be disappointed by Axtel’s EVO drone.

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