A child’s first smartwatch that keeps them safe and connected is called The Gabb Watch.

By | July 2, 2022

There is a tonne of technology available that is geared toward children, but not all of it is beneficial. Although many parents might choose to raise their children without any technology, this option becomes less practical with each passing year.

At a young age, your child will probably start pleading with you for a phone. But for a young child, phones frequently come with a lot of responsibility. Offering an alternate, such as a kids smartwatch, can help stop that topic. But make sure to consider all sides of the conversation before you make any conclusions.

Technology, children, and the value of being deliberate
Make sure the guidelines are established before you purchase any type of technology for your children. It’s critical to stress to young children in particular that technology will be discussed frequently. You intend to keep an eye on all of your children’s technological endeavours and occasionally interrogate them. Everyone is aware that using technology is a privilege rather than a right.

There is no doubting that the stakes are enormous, despite the fact that making decisions out of fear is never a good idea. Before the pandemic of 2020, unrestricted access to digital media was a major contributor to childhood depression.

Particularly social media can all too easily become an anxious environment where children begin to feel “less than” or even become the target of cyberbullying. As a result, parents must continue to be in charge of determining when and how much internet use is appropriate.
Children’s Smartwatches Provide a “Middle Ground” for Family Technology
The staff at Gabb Wireless is aware of this. Gabb was established to assist parents in navigating these technological tugs of war and offers wireless solutions that let parents choose how much technology their children can bear.

The organisation understands that because every child is different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to every tech-related query. Every family has expectations about what is proper. The “tech-in-steps” programme from Gabb offers a number of tools that show kids how to develop with the right amount of technology. Gabb guides young users toward responsible digital use by advising them on how much and when to use technology.

By offering a variety of options, Gabb Wireless hopes to move beyond the all-or-nothing perspective on children and technology. As a result, parents can benefit from technology’s positive aspects without being concerned about its drawbacks.

Recently, Gabb added a new kids’ smartwatch to its lineup of products. For kids, the Gabb Watch is the ideal introduction to wearable smart technology. With its standalone phone feature and individual phone number, it creates a trustworthy parent-child relationship with limitless calling and messaging options.

Parents are savouring their fresh relationship with their children thanks to the Gabb Watch:

“Being able to talk to my kids all day has strengthened our bond. My day is made better when a ‘I love you’ message appears on my phone. It makes me feel like I’m always there for them when I can comfort and support them when they run into problems.

The Gabb Watch’s phone component has extra security protections, such as a personalised contact list. Parents can choose up to 10 family members and friends to add to their child’s contact list. Additionally, all contacts can communicate with the child’s Gabb Watch via calls and texts, while other unknown numbers are banned. This prevents your youngster from receiving spam notifications and from having inappropriate conversations with strangers.

The Gabb Watch works as a GPS active tracking device in addition to the phone, giving location services that parents may track. Using this GPS function, parents can define predetermined “safe zones”—geographic areas they deem secure—on their child’s smartwatch. A school, a grandparent’s house, or a friend’s residence could serve as examples. Many children’s smartwatches, like Gabb’s, can then be set up to notify parents anytime a child leaves or enters a predetermined safe zone.

The Gabb Watch also has an SOS/emergency contact button for use in dire situations. A child only needs to press the button for 10 seconds on the watch’s side to make an SOS call to their emergency contact.

One of the best examples of a kid-friendly, secure smartwatch is the Gabb Watch. A kids smartwatch is an alternative to a smartphone if your child isn’t yet old enough for one to maintain parent-child communication without giving them full internet access.

Unsure if Your Child Is Prepared?
The good news is that many other parents have already experienced the cutting edge for you if you’re just now beginning to consider obtaining a kids smartwatch for your small child. The majority of the most frequent worries about outfitting kids with wearable technology have previously been addressed, allowing you to learn from the mistakes and missteps of others.

“I don’t want my child to interrupt class,” someone said.
The amount of disruption in the classroom rose when parents started providing their children with technology. When students were playing with their technology in class rather than paying attention, teachers swiftly sent home vehement “anti-tech” messages.

This problem is addressed by the “Lock Mode” setting on the Gabb Watch, which parents can access through their Gabb account. Additionally, parents can personalise the “Lock Mode” function of the MyGabb app to enable or prevent all incoming alerts during predetermined times of the day.

For instance, parents can set the watch to “Lock Mode” during school hours to block incoming calls and texts. When the watch is in “Lock Mode,” however, children can still make and receive calls from their SOS/emergency contact in case of an emergency.

“I don’t want my child to spend the entire day on the couch.”
Parents are also concerned that their children may become so engrossed in cutting-edge technology that they would forget to play outside in the sunshine. Fortunately, many gadgets, like the Gabb Watch, have features that encourage physical activity and offer incentives for adopting better lifestyles.

The GabbGo game on the Gabb Watch rewards every objective or task completed with redeemable money, encouraging exercise and task management. Children can care for a virtual pet in the game all day long in exchange for coins. Kids can establish daily step count objectives using the built-in step counter, and when they reach those targets, they receive coins.

Parents can create a list of daily tasks for their child to accomplish in the MyGabb app so that they can earn the most coins possible. These coins can be exchanged for more in-game activities in the game GabbGo.

The advantage of this is that parents are free to stop nagging their kids to be active and help around the house. With GabbGo, youngsters finish the jobs they’ve been given and aggressively ask for more. They are developing a desire for success as children thanks to this ingenious reward mechanism.

Parents were astounded by their children’s extraordinary response to this motivating game:

“GabbGo is my daughter’s favourite app. She enjoys caring for her pet, monitoring her steps, and finishing projects. When she finally acquired enough virtual currency to purchase the unicorn as her new pet, she was overjoyed.

Her room has never remained so spotless! In order to increase her coin income, she actually began to request chores.

“With the GabbGo app, my daughter is tremendously driven. It was never easy for her to read and make the bed. Her attitude toward work has dramatically changed now that she has a new pet!

How does a kid’s smartwatch function?
Kids’ smartwatches typically do away with complex functions that could be problematic. For instance, the majority of children’s smartwatches don’t have a camera feature. Many also take away the option for children to download and install games or other apps since they might not be able to manage their time or grasp the potential financial repercussions.

A smartwatch for kids is a gadget that facilitates communication, keeps track of youngsters, and introduces kids to wearable technology.

How do I pick a smartwatch for a child?
As was mentioned, there isn’t a single approach that works for all families. Every child develops at their own rate, giving rise to a unique character and a real need for communication.

Be aware of the distinction between “desire” and “need” as you explore purchasing technology for your child. If you decide a smartwatch is necessary, take into account your child’s maturity level and shown capacity for property maintenance.

What qualities should a child’s watch have?
Simple! Look for a kids smartwatch that perfectly fits your child’s needs as well as the comfort level of your family with internet-enabled technology. Be thorough in your search as you evaluate various products. While several manufacturers offer comparable capabilities, not all of them allow parents the same level of control over their children’s internet access.

The usual factors—price, monthly service commitment, advanced features, style, colour, etc.—will automatically come into play. Just be careful not to let yourself be persuaded to embrace characteristics that you believe your youngster isn’t ready for.

How reliable is the Gabb Watch?
Quick response: Yes. Parent-founded and -made, Gabb Wireless caters to parents. Child safety and parental preference are prioritised throughout the full line of products by Gabb due to their business approach.

Additionally, they haven’t sacrificed the calibre of their tech or monthly service. Gabb tech was developed with children and hard play in mind and is stain, perspiration, and moisture resistant. The linked apps have an easy-to-use UI and are straightforward to utilise.

What is the price of a Gabb Watch?
Cost is $149. Depending on the length of your contract, monthly service plans have different prices. As with most wireless service providers, the price goes down the longer you stay with Gabb. For instance, parents can select the most expensive choice, the Gabb Watch, and spend $16.99 per month. Additionally, Gabb now provides one-year and two-year subscription agreements with monthly rates ranging from $9.99 to $12.99.

Where can I find a kid’s smartwatch?
The majority of big merchants, electronics stores, and well-known online shopping platforms all carry smartwatches. As you shop, don’t forget to factor in the monthly service charges.

Additionally, be sure to thoroughly examine the service agreements. Of course you’ll want to know how much they cost, but there are other things to think about as well.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to purchase a smartwatch for your children in order to monitor their whereabouts and manage their internet access only to learn that their data is routinely tracked and shared with outside parties. Make sure you comprehend and accept all of the terms and conditions, in particular those that relate to privacy, data sharing, wireless carriers, and other permitted third parties, if any.

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